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Wire Hangers-Your Best Solutions for Clothes Storage

Sunflowers Wire Hangers Company is specializing in manufacturing and selling wire hangers that providing perfect solutions for storing clothes, especially the garments which are prone to slip or deform on standard hangers. Our company is engaged in manufacturing wire hangers over 15 years, and we supply a range of high quality hangers in a wide variety of types and sizes.

What type of hangers our company can supply?

PVC Coated Hangers:

It is a perfect combination of sturdy chrome finished construction and high quality PVC coating. It is anti-rust, non-slip and it can maintain the great shapes of your garments and maximum your storage space. Additionally, the PVC coating has rich dipped colors for coordinating different color clothing according to your taste.

Foam Hangers:

The foam hanger we supply is made of chrome plated construction and high quality foam. The chrome coating makes it anti-rust and the cushy foam prevents the garments from slipping, creasing and deforming. So it is perfect for bulky and delicate garments. Furthermore, the foam has variety of colors to decorate your closet and wardrobe.

Wire Hangers:

The wire hanger supplied by our company can be made in different materials, such as iron, steel and stainless stain. As we know, stainless steel hanger does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water, so it wons great acknowledgment from clients. In order to enhance the corrosion resistance of the iron and steel hangers, we plate metal coating such as chrome, nickle, zinc and so on. After plating, it gets elegant appearance and rust-resistance. Due to its sturdy construction and low price, it is also widely used and acknowledged.

Galvanized Hangers:

The galvanized hangers we supply are not only durable and well-constructed, but also anti-rust and high temperature resistent. Most of all, they are cheaper than any other wire hangers. According to its high quality and low price, it is widely used in laundries all over the world.

Aluminum Hangers:

Aluminum hanger features its light-weight and abrasion resistance. Additionally, they are stainless and durable.

Why to Choose Us

Why to Choose Us?

  • We are manufacturer and can provide competitive price.
  • We can give our clients 100% guaranteed quality.
  • We offer variety types, sizes, colors of hangers to meet your needs.
  • We still can give our clients special suggestion and still can design unique hanger for our clients.

If your need any advice about wire hangers or have some questions to inquire, please contact us now We are looking forward to answering the questions you might have.


Wire Hangers - Low Price for High Quality